Voices and critics about the author and the book

"Zaborowska knows to walk the fine line between erotic and BDSM and she never slips into vulgar scribbling. Everything has a certain style and is laced with a dash of irony, which she indicated with tact and instinct." - Büchertreff/Germany
"The autobiographical novel is suitable for male and female subs. The bisexual acts between Ewa and her lover served the mental cinema screen of the reader. Likewise, it could be a fictional guide for self-development and for giving not outlived sexual tendencies a real impetus and how to tell secret fantasies to the partner and to find fulfillment in them, instead of acting it in secret. "- The Corinthian/Germany
"A book as I expect in this genre. No constantly repeated hardcore scenes, but a nice, very stimulating fetish and BDSM story which nevertheless does not forget humor." - M. ​​Samsa/Germany
"The combination of different storylines and narrative perspectives, outcropping poetic at certain points and metaphorical language makes the novel stylistically interesting. Perhaps this novel can also encourage people with special sexual inclinations to reveal oneself to their partners with patience, respect and understanding, without coercion and pressure to turn apparently hopeless cases for the better. More important and more powerful than the fetish, however - and that is a statement of the novel – is: the love. "- Delicae/Germany